Who's In Your Kitchen?

Premier Personal Chef Service

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Athletes need a balanced diet more than anyone.
Let me plan a meal for you that will help repair those 
damaged muscles.

"Good food need not be gourmet, nor complicated, just prepared with love, thoughtfulness and integrity."                                                                                Chef Gary Ucella  ​


                                 Here are just some of the things a Personal Chef does:

  •  Meal Planning - based on your preferences, health goals, dietary requirements, special occasions, and the number of people dining.​

  • Menu Planning - The biggest question on everyone's mind is "What's for dinner?” let me answer that question and give you a detailed menu of items for dinner.

  • Shopping - for the choicest cuts of beef and freshest vegetables. (I know food.)​

  • Selecting - the best fresh fish available is not always easy, that is why it is good to leave it to a professional.

  • Meal preparation - Having a fresh cooked meal at home is much healthier than eating out and you don't have to clean up.


  • Plus - on specific days, I’ll come to your kitchen, prepare all the meals, package and label them with heating directions and leave a your kitchen as I found it.​